The Strategic Advantage of Filming Sports Games from Above

pix4team 2 recording soccer game

As Nicolas Roman, the video analyst of AC Ajaccio in Ligue 1 Uber Eats, rightly emphasizes, “It is major to be able to film from above to realize the spatial notion of the field.”

If you’ve ever tuned into team sports competitions on television or online via OTT platforms, such as Skweek TV for basketball or HBL TV for handball, you’re likely familiar with the primary shooting angle: a view from above. This strategic perspective offers invaluable insights for renowned analysis tools.

Nicolas Roman’s insight echoes a sentiment that goes beyond mere technical analysis. “It is fundamental for the viewer…” because this aerial view enhances the overall viewing experience of team sports matches. Unlike situations where details like players’ tattoos are inconsequential, this angle becomes paramount in allowing spectators to immerse themselves in the action and track player movements.

The significance of this view lies in its ability to provide a broad perspective, allowing viewers to observe players both in the background and the foreground of the field. This wide-angle view facilitates seamless tracking during counterattacks without inducing dizziness in the audience.

While broadcasts may incorporate various camera angles, including multi-cam, isolated cam, or even spider cam, live streaming on OTT platforms is witnessing a surge in popularity. In these scenarios, automatic cameras take center stage, strategically positioned to ensure the primary focus is on following the main action seamlessly.

Pix4Team Robot-Camera: Revolutionizing the Game

Enter the PIX4TEAM robot-camera, a groundbreaking solution designed to automatically film team sports matches from the optimal viewing height. This innovation caters to the growing demand for live streaming and OTT broadcasts by providing a dynamic and comprehensive perspective.

For the Staff: Beyond the Sidelines

The edges of the pitch may be reserved for photographers and influencers, but the middle of the stands holds a distinct significance for cameras, offering the best vantage points to observe a match. This elevated view is not only perfect for Internet users but is also coveted by technical staff, especially video analysts, educators, and scouts seeking usable video material for comprehensive player behavior analysis within a collective setting.

David Hermine, a Regional Technical Advisor in a Regional Basketball League, underscores the importance of this view, stating, “It’s very important, because we’re still a sport with a lot of quick transitions all over the pitch.”

Adapted Capture Solutions: Blending Tradition with Innovation

The quest for the perfect overhead view has led to the development of various capture solutions. From “Hi-pod” masts at the field’s edge to fixed cameras on lighting poles and cameras on tripods in the stands, the traditional methods have been complemented by cutting-edge technologies like the PIX4TEAM, enabling high-angle filming without the constraints of staying behind the camera.

To Broadcast and Analyze: Bridging the Technological Gap

Advancements in technology not only automate match filming but also facilitate seamless streaming and connectivity to sports analysis software such as Dartfish or Sportcode. The latest technological marvels, like PIX4TEAM, are not just limited to recording videos but also offer real-time streaming capabilities, providing a holistic approach to sports analysis.

Damien Nedellec, Assistant Coach responsible for individual analysis in a European women’s handball team, attests to this, stating, “We use a PIX4TEAM connected to a magewell connected to the computer to sequence live on Dartfish.”

In Conclusion: Aerial Perspectives Redefining Sports Viewing

In conclusion, the significance of shooting from above in sports filming extends beyond tactical analysis. It influences the overall viewing experience for spectators, aids technical staff in their analysis, and is supported by a spectrum of capture solutions and technological innovations. The PIX4TEAM robot-camera, in particular, stands at the forefront of this revolution, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, and providing a strategic advantage in the dynamic realm of sports broadcasting and analysis.

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