Revolutionizing Sports Performance through Automated Video Capture: Unleashing the Potential of PIX4TEAM 2

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“When you’re an amateur soccer/football club with ambitions to play at the next level, a video tool is essential.”

In the dynamic realm of amateur soccer and football, aspirations to reach the next level often hinge on strategic tools that can elevate performance. Enter PIX4TEAM 2, the camera robot designed to automatically capture team sports games, offering a game-changing solution for clubs aiming for excellence.

Human After All: PIX4TEAM 2 as a Collaborative Ally

Contrary to common misconceptions, PIX4TEAM 2 does not aim to replace a cameraman, recognizing that in most amateur clubs, the luxury of having a dedicated cameraman is a rarity. Instead, it complements the roles of video managers, communication officers, and video analysts, who wear multiple hats during a game.

In the words of Jim Toullec, sports director of the FCL team and manager of the School of Sport Business, “When you’re an amateur soccer/football club willing to play at the next level: a video tool is essential.”

PIX4TEAM 2 seamlessly integrates into the workflow of various club personnel, allowing them to focus on other crucial tasks such as social media communication, real-time analysis on platforms like Longomatch, conducting interviews, and making tactical adjustments at halftime.

Empowering Different Roles: The PIX4TEAM 2 Advantage

Installation and configuration of the PIX4TEAM 2 robot become a breeze for the video manager. With the capability to start live streaming on social networks, the communication manager can engage with the audience in real-time, adding dynamism to the club’s online presence.

The video analyst benefits from the PIX4TEAM 2 Remote app, maintaining a simultaneous watch on the game and camera feedback. Real-time analysis on platforms like Longomatch, post-match annotations on Once, tactical edits on RT Software, and preparation of a comprehensive summary for the coach become seamless processes, enhancing the overall technical evolution of the team.

As assistant coach Jacky Begot emphasizes, “Analyzing the failures in a match to correct them in a next match is part of the technical evolution of football.”


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Flexibility Redefined: PIX4TEAM 2 on the Move

Adaptability is a key feature of PIX4TEAM 2, as it aligns with the existing equipment of many clubs. Compatible with most commercial cameras, the robot becomes an extension of the club’s resources, ensuring a smooth integration into daily operations.

For clubs already equipped with commercial cameras, the transition to PIX4TEAM 2 is a strategic investment and a collective project, enriching the club’s video capabilities for both youth and senior teams. Its compatibility with smartphones mounted on the robot further enhances its versatility, allowing its use in various settings – from the main field and training grounds to stands on tripods or at the edge of the pitch on a mast.

Nomadic and easily transportable in a suitable backpack, PIX4TEAM 2 becomes an indispensable companion for football clubs, facilitating the seamless integration of video technology into their daily routines.

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Embracing the Digital Revolution: Essential Tools for Performance

As Jim Toullec aptly concludes, “Technological products and videos, as well as digital tools, have taken an important place in the daily life of a club – these are essential tools today for performance.” PIX4TEAM 2 stands at the forefront of this digital revolution, empowering amateur clubs to harness the potential of automated video capture and elevate their performance to new heights.

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